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Benefits of Monitored Home Alarm Systems

In the process of building your home alarm system, customers undoubtedly face the question of choosing between a monitored alarm system and a non-monitored alarm system. Home monitoring solutions take the burden of worrying about the home away from the homeowner, placing the burden into the hands of a round the clock monitoring team.

Non-monitored security systems consist of the same technology as monitored alarm systems, using state of the art sensors that will trigger an alarm should any abnormality be detected. This alarm drastically increases the chances of repelling a criminal or alerting the homeowner that there is a hazardous condition in their home before the danger becomes too great. The downfall to owning a non-monitored security system is that the monitoring station will not be alerted in the case of an emergency, and will not be able to help the homeowner should they be in immediate danger restricting their ability to contact emergency responders.

Monitored alarm systems are the most common choice, and with good reason. Having a monitored system means that when an alarm is triggered, Deluxe Alarms monitoring station will be immediately notified. Our monitoring station will then attempt to contact the homeowner via phone. If the homeowner is not reachable, it will be assumed there is an emergency and local authorities will be immediately contacted. This process takes mere seconds from the moment the alarm is triggered. If contact is made with the homeowner, they may declare a false alarm and the police will not be contacted.

Deluxe Alarms monitored alarm systems also include all the benefits of online and remote security system access allowing for fast communication between the homeowner and the alarm system regardless of their location in the world. This is ideal for those who travel often or go on extended vacations, giving the homeowner peace of mind knowing that they can remotely arm or disarm their system in a moment’s notice. Traveling homeowners can also rest assured that their home is being watched while they are away.

There are many more benefits to having a monitored home security system installed. Home insurance providers tend to provide policy discounts for homes with monitored systems. Not only are our home security systems monitored for criminal intrusion, they are also constantly monitored for medical emergencies, fire, and other environmental emergencies such as flooding or poisonous gas. Owners of a Deluxe Alarms monitored security system are able to live their lives without ever having to worry about the well being of their home or family as there is always somebody watching to make sure the home is secured at all times.

Customer Testimonial:

"I am very happy and satisfied with the service of this company. Anyone can trust on them, for their quick service. If you want to have an alarm system in your home please depend on Deluxe Alarm."

- Jodhy from Toronto, Ontario