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Deluxe Alarms provides the best in home security. We know how to keep your home, family and loved ones secure. With over ten years of doing business in the security industry, many families in the greater Toronto, Vaughan, and surrounding areas have trusted us to keep their homes and families protected. You will never worry about your home security when you get the peace of mind you deserve with Deluxe Alarms. When it comes to an assortment of ways to make your home safe and secure, you can count on Deluxe Alarms to provide complete around the clock security.

With your home safety system from Deluxe Alarms, you get our top of the line home monitoring system. We deliver a quick efficient notice regarding your home, and respond fast to all kinds of urgent situations from an intruder in your house to an unanticipated flood while you are away from home.

Our home security alarm systems can also provide peace of mind with our medical alert module. Maybe you or a loved one is home on your own and has a health condition. If someone you love is getting older, having the capability to call for help could be critical. Deluxe Alarms can help. With our state of the art medical alert system, anyone recovering from illness or with reduced mobility can stay independent but always within reach of medical assistance. Help someone you love enjoy life to the fullest while having help available the moment they need it.

Deluxe Alarms also offers total home wiring packages, the capability to monitor your homes security remotely with your cell phone and a decrease in your home insurance with our security certificates. Plus, because our security system is engineered to work separately of the local power grid, you never have to worry about your home becoming susceptible during a power blackout. Let us show you how trouble-free it is to create the ideal security system package for your home and family. Get the best defense at a price you can afford for peace of mind today with Deluxe Alarms.

HomeStars has rated Deluxe Alarms 9.5 winning the Best of 2011 Toronto Awards! Deluxe Alarms is proud of their reviews, please feel free to view them at HomeStars.com.

Deluxe Alarms is ranked highly by the Better Business Bureaus at a "A-" and is also a proud member of CANASA.

Customer Testimonial:

"I am very happy and satisfied with the service of this company. Anyone can trust on them, for their quick service. If you want to have an alarm system in your home please depend on Deluxe Alarm."

- Jodhy from Toronto, Ontario

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