Wired vs. Wireless Home Security Systems

Home security systems mostly all consist of the same components, including a central alarm panel with a keypad user interface, door and window sensors, motion detectors, heat detectors, smoke detectors, and even glass break detectors. One of the primary considerations necessary in choosing which alarm system is right for you will be the need to decide whether to get a wired or wireless home security system.

Deluxe Alarms wired home security systems are composed of the alarm’s central control panel being connected with hard wires to each and every sensor installed in the home. The wires used to connect the devices are concealed behind walls and under floor boards similar to all other home electric wiring. Though they may seem cumbersome to install, there are many benefits to owning a wired alarm system.

Sensors for wired home alarm security systems are more affordable because they do not include any radio frequency electronics to communicate with the central control panel. These sensors are also constantly powered via the control panel, removing the need for periodic battery changing. One of the greatest advantages to owning a wired alarm system is that the sensors are not prone to being affected by interference through electronic appliances such as microwave or internet Wi-Fi signals.

A major concern with wired systems is the need for wires to be installed throughout homes to install each sensor. Fortunately, most new homes are built with the wiring for security systems preinstalled to every window and door so Home security systems installers can simply attach sensors with adhesives and the sensors to the wiring that is already in place. If your home does not have these wires preinstalled, Deluxe Alarms home security specialists will install them for you without causing damage to your home. It is a common misconception that the cost of installing wired systems exceeds that of wireless systems, however wired systems hardware comes at a lower cost. The advantages that come with owning a wired system will not require a greater investment.

Deluxe Alarms wireless home alarm systems operate essentially the same way as their wired counterparts, with the exception of the use of radio frequency (RF) sensors to communicate with the control panel rather than being connected with hard wires.

Wireless systems are extremely easy to install since no wires are necessary beyond the control panel. The sensors are preprogrammed to communicate through radio frequency signals with the central control panel. Wireless systems give the owners the flexibility to expand their system by adding additional preprogrammed sensors as easily as attaching them to their new locations using adhesives. These systems are also extremely easy to move to new homes since no wires have to be removed from the walls or floorboards. It is also impossible for criminals to attempt to cut wires in an attempt to bypass sensors and security cameras since they do not exist.

Both wired and wireless systems are extremely advantageous for home security protection. Deluxe alarms uses cutting edge technology, even if a wire were to be cut on wired systems, the alarm will be sounded, leaving wired systems with no real disadvantage next to wireless systems aside from ease of moving to a new home. If you intend to live in your home for a long term period, it would be wise to have a wired system installed. If you are planning to move in the near future, wireless systems are much easier to disconnect and reinstall in your new home.

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