Wired Home Security Systems

A wired home alarm security systems from Deluxe Alarms runs wires directly through your home walls to a central control panel. Generally most wires are hidden to connecting motion detectors, doors and window contacts, and other products connected to the control panel for your home security systems. [read more] Click here to hide

Wireless Home Security Systems

A wireless home alarm security systems from Deluxe Alarms uses small radio transmitters which operates by small internal batteries. The radio transmitter communicates with the central control panel. Periodic lithium battery replacements are necessary for wireless systems. Deluxe Alarm home security systems technological Click here to read more...

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Wireless Home Security Systems

Deluxe Alarms is Canada’s top choice amongst alarm companies, with home security systems created using industry-leading technology designed for the protection of your property. When homes are broken into, the well-being of loved ones are at stake. Deluxe Alarms is committed to providing your family with first-class home security systems day and night. Installing a combination of our home security system and security cameras reduces the risk of being the victim of a break-in by up to 40 times when compared to those lacking protective security measures. Deluxe Alarms home security systems are also customizable to protect against the dangers of fire, flooding, carbon monoxide poisoning, and medical emergencies.

Cost effective, our home security systems are extremely affordable and valuable. Cutting-edge Wireless and Wired home security systems cut alarm installation costs drastically and function even during blackouts. Many home insurance providers offer policy discounts as high as 20% for protected homes. Alarm systems also add financial value to homes, frequently being used as a selling point for realty transactions. Deluxe Alarms home monitoring solutions provide around the clock security, an unsurpassable value bringing our clients the peace of mind to sleep comfortably every night.

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